Important contact details in connection with your Bonviva credit cards.

If you lose your Bonviva credit cards or suspect unauthorized use, please immediately contact:
24h emergency number for card blocking: +41 (0)44 659 69 03

If you have any general questions about your Bonviva credit cards or on credit card transactions, our Customer Service department will be happy to assist:
Bonviva Silver and Gold 24h HELP-Line: +41 (0)844 000 880
Bonviva Platinum 24h HELP-Line: +41 (0)844 000 900

For medical, legal, and personal emergencies, as well as to register any claims, please contact the relevant insurance company. The details of the various insurers and their contact details can be found in the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI).

Provided that you are a Bonviva Platinum client and have registered for the Travel Service and/or Bonviva Concierge Service:
Travel Service & Bonviva Concierge Service: 00800 7070 5050

Postal address:
Swisscard AECS GmbH
Bonviva Credit Cards
P.O. Box 227
CH-8810 Horgen