The key questions and answers regarding Bonviva credit cards.

1. Do I have to be a Credit Suisse client to apply for Bonviva credit cards?

The two Bonviva credit cards are an integral component of the three Bonviva Banking Packages offered by Credit Suisse (Bonviva Silver, Bonviva Gold, and Bonviva Platinum). As long as you are domiciled in Switzerland, you can apply for a Bonviva Banking Package and enjoy the many benefits of Bonviva credit cards. You can obtain further information on Bonviva Banking Packages at

2. What will Bonviva credit cards cost me?

The annual fees of both credit cards are already included in the package price of the relevant Bonviva Banking Package (Bonviva Silver, Bonviva Gold, or Bonviva Platinum).
Bonviva Banking Packages enable you to benefit from numerous additional benefits (Bonviva Extras) and selected banking products (accounts, cards, internet banking, etc). In addition, you get to enjoy an attractive bonus program with valuable rewards and exclusive events. You get all this at an attractive and transparent price. You can obtain further information on banking packages at

3. What benefits do I get with Bonviva credit cards?

You enjoy the benefit of credit cards that can be used around the world, wherever you see the logo of your credit card. In addition, you get to enjoy an attractive bonus program with valuable rewards and exclusive events that are only available to Bonviva clients. Tailored to the Bonviva Banking Package, the Bonviva American Express credit card offers you additional benefits such as higher insurance coverage, additional insurance benefits, the ability to collect more bonus points, as well as discounts and preferential conditions through Selects, etc. The more valuable the package, the more comprehensive the additional benefits.

4. Can I apply for an additional card for another person?

Yes, you can apply for an additional card for another person with the same design as your principal card. Please use the Additional Card Application Form on the internet or call our Customer Services department. The costs of an additional card are as follows:

Bonviva American Express Card   
Bonviva American Express Gold Card   CHF 120
Bonviva American Express Platinum Card   CHF 120
Bonviva Mastercard Standard   CHF 60
Bonviva Mastercard Gold   CHF 120
Bonviva Visa Classic    CHF 60
Bonviva Visa Gold   CHF 120

5. Can I make use of the installment facility with Bonviva credit cards?

If the installment facility is activated for your Bonviva credit cards, you may use it at any time. As long as the amount displayed under "minimum payment" on your credit card statement is lower than the overall amount, the installment facility is activated.
Using the installment facility with an activated DD (direct debit procedure) is not currently possible. However, you can alter your mode of payment from DD to payment slip at any time if you want to take advantage of the installment facility.
You can obtain further information on part payment in the Installment Facility section.

6. What do I need to do if I move?

To make sure that your statements always reach you, please let us know as soon as your personal details change. Change your address, phone numbers and e-mail address now quickly, easily and conveniently using cardservice, your online access to your credit card account. You can also inform us of your new address in writing using the corresponding form. We will pay the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this.

7. What should I do if my card is damaged?

Please request a new card in writing or by telephone from our Customer Service department, and return the damaged card to us, having first cut it in half for your own security. A processing fee of CHF 25 is charged for issuing a replacement card for Bonviva Silver Credit Cards. Replacement cards for Bonviva Gold and Bonviva Platinum are free of charge.

8. What should I do if I have been wrongly debited a payment?

You must immediately report any discrepancies by telephone, and in writing within 30 days of the date of the statement on which the discrepancy appears. Otherwise the statement details are deemed to have been accepted.
Please use the Complaints Form on the internet or call our Customer Service department.

9. What should I do if my cards have been stolen or if I have lost them?

If you ever lose your Bonviva credit cards or have them stolen, please call the 24h Emergency Number for Card Blocking immediately. Your card will then be blocked immediately and a replacement card ordered.

10. Who is liable if my card is used fraudulently?

Provided you have complied fully with all of the contents of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC), in particular the obligations to cooperate and exercise due care, and provided you are not otherwise at fault, the issuer will assume responsibility for the debits resulting from proven unauthorized use of the card by third parties.

11. What should I be aware of if I want to use the card abroad?

Always use the currency of the country where the purchase is made when paying bills with your Bonviva credit cards abroad, even if you are offered the option of being debited directly in Swiss francs. In the vast majority of cases, this will prevent you from incurring punitive conversion rates.
Check the date and the amount entered before you sign any slip. Always be sure to fill out the total amount yourself. Make sure you receive a copy of the debited amount – and your card, of course – each time. Using your debit receipts, check the items listed on the monthly statement the moment you receive it.