Looking after your card

You should exercise the same care when looking after your card as you would with cash. The card must not be loaned or transferred or in any other way made available to third parties. Before using your credit card for the first time, please make sure you read the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) carefully, and keep these together with your documentation.

Your PIN code

Please note of the following key security tips for your PIN code:
  • Do not use birthdays, car registration numbers, addresses, or telephone numbers as your PIN code. These can be guessed too easily and will make fraudulent use of your card more likely.
  • Always keep your PIN separate from your card.
  • Never give your PIN to third parties (including online).
  • If you have forgotten your PIN code, you can apply for a new code from our Customer Service department.

You can find further information on the PIN code in the Chip & PIN section.

Secure online shopping

Make sure that internet shopping remains one of life’s pleasures by adhering to the following rules:
  • Never give out your PIN code online.
  • Be careful with your credit card data. Do not enter your card number before you have read through the relevant terms and conditions. Print the terms and conditions out, and make a note of the merchant's website address.
  • Only give card data for the payment itself, never "just for information purposes".
  • Double check the merchant's website address.
  • If your card has been debited, but you have not received the product or service, please inform the Customer Service department in writing within 30 days.

Fraud warning

All transactions are constantly checked by Swisscard systems. If there is an indication of card fraud with a transaction, you will be informed instantly by SMS or phone. You can then either confirm that the transaction is legal or have your card blocked and request a free replacement card.

Card security numbers

The card security numbers are features of credit cards that hinder the use of falsified and/or stolen credit card details and therefore help prevent credit card fraud on the internet. The request to supply this number is a security measure that is designed to confirm the physical presence of the card when the holder is making a payment on the internet.

Bonviva Visa and Bonviva World Mastercard credit cards have a three-digit security number on the reverse of the card. This is not saved on the magnetic strip or the chip and cannot be derived from the credit card number. Bonviva American Express credit cards have a four-digit security number on the front side of the card. This is not saved on the magnetic strip or the chip and cannot be derived from the credit card number.

The Bonviva Rewards Bonus Program

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The Bonviva Rewards Bonus Program

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Well protected

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