24h emergency number for card blocking

Card lost or stolen? Report the loss of your Bonviva credit cards immediately so that we can block your cards without delay.

Telephone +41 (0)44 659 69 03


Provided you have exercised due care, you will not be liable for any risks or deductibles that may arise from the loss of your credit cards. This includes any withdrawals that may have been made with your stolen card by third parties. Dial the 24h emergency number as quickly as possible, and we will block your card immediately.

Obligation to cooperate and exercise due care

If you look after your cards with the same care that you would your cash and have complied with the obligation to cooperate and exercise due care, you are fully protected against the consequences of fraudulent use of your cards by third parties:
  • Sign your credit cards as soon as you receive them.
  • Always store the PIN code (sent under separate cover) in a different place from your cards or, better still, either memorize it or change it immediately.
  • Do not throw away sales slips as they can provide others with access to your details.
  • Never let third parties use your credit cards.
  • In the event that a card is lost or stolen, have it blocked immediately.

Emergency cash, emergency card, replacement card

If you lose your card and end up on the street with no cash, we’ll help you out of the mess. We’ll ensure that you receive an emergency cash advance, that you are sent emergency card – generally within 48 hours – and that you can count on a replacement card as quickly as possible.

Das Bonusprogramm Bonviva Rewards.

Beim Bezahlen wertvolle Bonviva Bonuspunkte sammeln. Ein Katalog voller attraktiver Prämien wartet auf Sie.

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Well protected

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