Contractual Conditions

Before using your Bonviva credit cards for the first time, please make sure you read the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) carefully and keep these together with your documentation.

Bonviva Credit Card Details

1 Credit card number
2 Valid until   
3 Cardholder name   
4 Chip

5 Credit card security number
6 Magnetic strip
7 Signature strip
8 24h HELP-Line

Sign Immediately

For security purposes, you should sign the back of your Bonviva credit cards as soon as you receive them. You acknowledge and accept our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) when you sign the card or the first time you use your card.

Period of Validity

On the front of your card, you will see the month and the year in which your card will expire. It is valid until the last day of this month. Until then, you can use your card at any location in the world where the corresponding logo is displayed. You will automatically receive a new card before this expiration date, typically a month before. If you do not receive your replacement card two weeks before the expiration date shown, please get contact our Customer Service department.

PIN Code

The PIN code is your Personal Identification Number, which is increasingly replacing the signature for authorizing payments by credit card. It is therefore important that you memorize your PIN code so that you can enter it to authorize a payment when asked. You will be sent a PIN code for each of your cards under separate cover. You can change your PIN code at any time at any suitable ATM in Switzerland.
You can find further information on the PIN code under the Chip & PIN section.

Credit Card Security Number

The credit card security number is frequently requested when making purchases via the internet. This ensures that the purchaser has the physical credit card when making the online payment.
You can find further information on the credit card security number in the Security section.

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Collect together, enjoy together:

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