Spending limit

The amount on your credit card that you may use each month. The spending limit is defined by us following your credit assessment. With the installment facility activated, the spending limit corresponds to the credit limit.

Annual percentage rate

The annual percentage rate is the annual rate used by us for the calculation of the monthly credit interest if you use the installment facility. It is shown on the card applications and conveyed in the communication for the installment facility, and for Bonviva credit cards amounts to 12%.

Credit assessment

We assess your credit rating based on the information given by you on the card application or on the application for the installment facility. We also place an enquiry with the Consumer Credit Information Office (IKO), to see if there are other credit and leasing transactions that need to be taken into account. In some cases, we may obtain additional information in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions (GTC), for example from your employer. Once the credit assessment has been completed, we define a credit limit for your credit card, corresponding to the spending limit of the card. You may use the installment facility within the parameters of your credit limit.

Please note that we will adjust your credit limit should your financial situation deteriorate. This is for your own protection. As a matter of course, your credit limit may also rise along with an improvement of your financial situation (see limit increase).

Credit limit (= spending limit)

The amount available to you for the installment facility following the conclusion of a credit agreement.

Credit agreement

A prerequisite for the installment facility is that a valid credit agreement has been concluded between you and Swisscard AECS GmbH as the card issuer. This is usually the case if your application for an installment facility has been accepted and the 7-day right of withdrawal has expired in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act (KKG).

Minimum payment/minimum amount

If the installment facility is activated, you have the option to pay only a partial amount of the monthly statement. The minimum amount corresponds to 5% of the total amount, but at least CHF 50.

Monthly statement

Monthly credit card invoice containing all spending items of the principal card as well as additional cards. The payment must arrive with us within the term indicated on the monthly statement.

If instalment is set to "activated" then you can benefit from the instalment facility. You can either settle the whole bill or just make a partial payment. The amount under "Minimum payment" equals 5% of the monthly statement or CHF 50 at least.

Here you can find the spending limit determined for your credit card. The spending limit corresponds to the credit limit if the installment facility is active.

The total outstanding debit balance on your card. If the installment facility is active, you may decide whether you pay only the minimum amount or the whole statement amount.

Balance protection insurance

The balance protection insurance covers your payment obligation in the framework of the insurance conditions, so that there are no financial shortages in case of sudden emergency situations, such as disability or unemployment. The coverage includes the outstanding balance on your principal card and your additional cards up to the following maximum coverage:
  • In the event of accidental death the remaining debt is insured up to 200,000 CHF
  • In the event of permanent full invalidity up to 100,000 CHF
  • In the event of temporary full invalidity up to 10,000 CHF
  • In the event of compulsory unemployment up to 10,000 CHF

Here you can download the registration form.

Installments/installment facility (revolving)

Credit cards with installment facility allow you to pay for goods directly in the store but pay back later in installments from your account, according to your personal financial planning. Paying in installments using a credit card is an easy and flexible way to manage your financial needs. Thanks to the revolving credit of your credit card with installment facility, amounts paid back are available for you again up to your credit limit. The installment facility is not available for charge cards from American Express (American Express Personal Card, American Express Gold Card, Platinum Card, and Centurion Card) or for company cards.

Installment facility interest

See under Annual percentage rate.

Interest cost

When using the installment facility, interest is charged on the outstanding amount from the date of the monthly statement.

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The Bonviva Rewards Bonus Program

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