Here and Around the World

You will be a welcome guest or customer wherever you see the logo of your credit card displayed. On the internet, too, the credit card is one of the most important methods of payment and an indispensable asset. Several million contracting partners worldwide accept your credit card:
  • Airlines
  • Rail companies
  • Taxis
  • Car rental companies
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Department stores
  • Retailers (including Coop, Migros, and other supermarkets worldwide)
  • Hospitals and doctors
  • Telephone companies
  • Online services
  • Numerous other sectors and companies

Paying with Signature

Check the date and the amount entered before you sign any slip. Some restaurants leave the total amount blank; you should then enter the correct amount or round it up with a tip. Always be sure to fill out the total amount yourself.
Make sure you receive a copy of the debited amount – and your card, of course – each time. Always dispose of these slips in such a way that they cannot be obtained by third parties.

Paying with PIN

An increasing number of merchants use state-of-the-art terminals. When making a payment at these terminals, you will be asked to enter your PIN code instead of signing a slip. This is why it is important that you memorize your PIN code. In rare cases, it is possible that you will also be asked to sign a slip despite having entered your PIN code.
You can find further information on the PIN code in the Chip & PIN section.

Withdrawing Cash from ATMs

You can withdraw cash at any counter or ATM in Switzerland or abroad that carries the logo of your credit cards. The cash withdrawal limit is set at 40% of your Bonviva credit card spending limit.
Commission: 3.75% of the cash amount,
minimum CHF 5 per withdrawal in Switzerland
minimum CHF 10 per withdrawal abroad

Deposits and Reservations

Your Bonviva credit cards can also help you make deposits and reservations. For example, when you rent a car that requires a deposit, you can reserve or block the amount on your credit card instead of paying the deposit in cash. When you return the car, the amount reserved on your card is canceled in full (as long as the deposit is not claimed) and the amount is then available for you to spend elsewhere.
The same is true when booking hotel rooms. Once you give your card number, your hotel room reservation is guaranteed until noon the next day – even if you arrive late.


Your Bonviva credit cards act as your convenient ticket in and out of many parking garages. Look for the credit card symbol when you enter the garage. It can be found directly beneath the ticket issuing slot. Simply put your Bonviva credit card into the machine and your arrival is recorded. Your card is returned and the barrier opens. When driving out again, simply reinsert your Bonviva credit card into the machine – and you're free to go. You receive a receipt for your records. The parking fee is debited automatically.

Internet Use

When conducting transactions via the internet, in addition to the card number and the expiration date you will often also be asked for the three- or four-digit credit card security number.
Never enter your PIN code on the internet or disclose it to third parties. The PIN code may not be used on the internet.

You can find further information on using your Bonviva credit cards on the internet in the Security section.

When you use your Bonviva American Express credit card online, you enjoy the additional benefit of the Online Fraud Protection Guarantee, which protects you from the consequences of your card being used fraudulently by third parties when shopping online.

Use Abroad

Always use the currency of the country in question when paying bills with your Bonviva credit cards abroad, even if you are offered the option of being debited directly in Swiss francs. In most cases, this will allow you to avoid high conversion rates.
Foreign currency and cross border handling fee in CHF: 2,5%

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