Prior to Use

  • Contractual Conditions
  • Bonviva Credit Card Details
  • Signing Your Card
  • Period of Validity
  • PIN Code
  • Credit Card Security Number

Using Your Card

  • Here and Around the World
  • Paying with Signature
  • Paying with PIN
  • Contactless payment
  • Withdrawing Cash
  • Deposits and Reservations
  • Parking
  • Internet Use
  • Use Abroad

Paying Your Bill

  • Bonviva Monthly Statement Details
  • Monthly Statement Process
  • Paying via Payment Slip
  • Paying via DD

Chip & PIN

  • PIN Code versus Signature
  • Handling Your PIN Code
  • Ordering a PIN Code

Collect together, enjoy together:

Collect together, enjoy together:

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Enjoy Exclusive Offers with American Express Selects.